Dear friends, we have been informed by some concerned people that several other ministries have offered our Prayers book in exchange for a donation to their ministry on their web sites and/or on their TV programs. We are asking you to support Christian Word Ministries by not ordering books from these ministries. Christian Word Ministries, under the leadership of itís founder Mr. Richard Broadbent III, has incurred the effort and expense of writing and publishing these books. Before Mr. Broadbent passed away, he donated thousands of these books to other ministries with the understanding that they were to be distributed free of charge. Although Mr. Broadbent did not require the signing of an agreement, because of the understanding between the parties involved, we are grieved that they have chosen this method to solicit donations for their own ministries. It is not our intent to discredit these ministries in any way. It is our hope that this issue will soon be resolved in a Christian manner. Again, we ask that you support Mr. Broadbentís vision of getting the Prayers book into the hands of as many people as possible. Thank you and may God richly bless each of you.


Christian Word Ministries