Richard Broadbent III

Founder Christian Word Ministries,
Producer of the "Prayers" Book The Little Red Prayer Book"
March 27, 1937
March 29, 2010


Richard Broadbent III (Brother B). One night while at the "Toronto Outpouring" Brother B received a vision while talking to the Lord, on the edge of his hotel bed, at 3 in the morning for 3 hours. Brother B then with the guidance and wisdom of the Holy Spirit started and oversaw Christian Word Ministries in obedience to what God had revealed to him. Prayers from the Holy Spirit started flowing. Several years later the book of prayers was confirmed to Mr. B and staff of Christian Word Ministries, by Mahesh & Bonnie Chavda at a tent meeting while at Fort Mills, SC. Brother B proceeded to prayerfully bring together & produce the book, "Prayers". Many testimonies started and continue today to flow forth from this little red anointed book of prayers. Brother B always helped others, and spoke of the goodness, and mercy of God. Brother B had a deep love for the Lord, his wife, all his children, grandchildren, staff, and friends. (Pastor John Kilpatrick, Pastor Ron Phillips, Pastor Tony Cooper, Pastors Mark & Tammy Gilbert, Pastor Janice Claypool, Pastor Carl King, Pastor Millie Rheinsmith and many, many, more!) Most of all, Brother B gave God the Glory for His Son Jesus Christ! Submitted By: Daniel Hardigree, his friend